Equipment we use is a variety of items from new and up to date to old and trusted true.

Still Pictures: IR Camera's, Full Spectrum Camera's and Normal Camera's These formats are SLR, Digital and 35mm Film camera's.

Video: IR Hand Held, IR CCTV, Full Spectrum Hand Held, Full Spectrum CCTV, Normal Hand Held and Normal CCTV. Thermal Imaging Camera's Hand Held and one CCTV.

EVP's: We used the following Digital, RCA, Sony, Coby, Zoom and other brands. We have a couple older Tape drive units as well.

EVP Assistance Items: Ghost Box, SV:1, VS:2, Ovolus III, Noise Generators and other equipment in testing phase.

Meters: Mel Meters, K-2 (Several Models), Tri-Field, EMF Detectors, Geiger Counters, ION Meters, Sound level Meters, Temperature Meters, Atmosphere Meters, EDI Meters, the newest Mel Meter (8704R-REM-EMT-SDD), Data Loggers of all kinds and a few other assorted meters.

Lighting: IR Floods, IR Spotlights, Full Spectrum Floods, Full Spectrum Spotlights, Red Lighting, Green Lighting, True Full Spectrum Lighting, Laser Grids and more.

EMF and EMP Devices: EMF Pumps of various kinds, EMP Devices from our own lab and some other good equipment we make and test.

ION Generating devices: ION Pumps, ION Fans and other devices we make and test.

Cleansing and Protection Supplies: Sage, Sweet Grass, Roots of various kinds, other Herbs, Crystals and other various items used to cleanse and protect.

Other Assorted Items: Net Cannons, Containment Equipment for Cryptic, Pepper Spray, Self Defense Weapons and other assorted items for protections against Cryptic, AA, AAA, C, D and 9v rechargeable Batteries.

This is only a very small list of our equipment, the list is to big to list everything but this gives you an idea of what it takes to be a serious Paranormal Investigation Team. 

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